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Home is beyond residence where bitter & sweet memories flutter; walls, doors, pillars & corridors have stories to tell, past echoes to nurture the future. It offers emotional satisfaction, physical comfort, and a sense of security. All these reverent feelings combine to create a Symphony of Domestic Affection & peace of mind.

Dareechay Home has a Chorus of tech-savvy artisans, interior designers, architects and carpenters who perceive your image of home and perform together delicately for the concrete construction of your expression.

Our expert consultancy supports and even modifies your taste for long-lasting Symphony Of Domestic Affection.  

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We map to construct a building with an image to create, an expression to pass. Merely aesthetic or merely utilitarian is not what we design to construct, an artistic balance of both we deliver.

Interior Design

Our Interior Designer infuses a soul into space, makes the silence to speak, grasp the beholders to name the ambiance he wants them to utter


Timely innovative concrete construction to the on-budget clients is our unparalleled specialty. Your time and money are valued the most at Dareechay Home.


Celebrated Landscape designers at Dareechay Home are quintessential stimulators acquainted with the art of transforming a piece of land to change the mood and perception of viewers.

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The main idea of this development is to keep the traditional architecture of native city alive with a blend of moroccan and turkish architecture indigenous architecture was the main concept.

Interior Design

Luxurious suite design with maximum usage of space. Contemporary design with moroccan theme and colors with wall panels to display a luxury look. Walls covering through wallpapers to cover the double height of the room.


The organic stone color at the front with white color details to highlight it comprises 3 well-ventilated bedrooms with an attached bath, 2 lounges, and a kitchen

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Dareechay Home is an interior design company that has helped me with my hospital design.They designed the best space for all my needs, and it looks beautiful now.
Dr Salman Riaz
I have used Dareechay Home for my professional construction needs for the past few months, and it's incredible! They offer great design services, and their materials are top-notch; plus, they have competitive rates.
Syed Qasim Askari
I am sure you have seen all the interior designs of dareechay home. Its funky colors, design, and display make your baby shop stand out even more!
Mr. Jahangeer