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An architect is to use Tech artistically with balance and symmetry. The ideal one has inbuilt flexible Artistic Sensibility to design buildings that fit the client’s demand and are climate-friendly. At the arena of Dareechay Home, Artistic Sensibility is at its best in our architects.

We do not just construct but personify a building. We design to construct a building with an image to create, expression to pass.
Merely aesthetic or merely utilitarian is not what we design to construct, an artistic balance of both we deliver. Grandeur, sophistication, contemporary, traditional and customized designs are rendered to be shaped in awe. 

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master planning

Our Lead Architect outlines the owner’s expectations, goal & purpose of structure, and surrounding infrastructure to develop a framework of the master plan. After a detailed work on the project aesthetic and other essential elements, vivid imagery of the entire project is presented for finalization. 

technical plans

Under the supervision of the Lead Architect, design coordinators make a detailed, easy-to-understand blueprint from electric plan to ductwork and drainage to ceiling pipework for the guidance of relevant crew to make their job perfectly easy.

furniture layouts

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construction drawings

Considerable importance is given to all the specifications, from drawings to construction schedules, shape, height & setbacks, etc., to comply with relevant Regulations for hassle-free project approval.

3D visualization & animation

Our exemplary animators make the client watch the entire picture of the project through detailed work of 3D Visualization and Animation. All the project dimensions are shaped and created masterfully to portray a realistic image of the construction to be built.

What Our Clients Say

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Dareechay Home is an interior design company that has helped me with my hospital design.They designed the best space for all my needs, and it looks beautiful now.
Dr Salman Riaz
I have used Dareechay Home for my professional construction needs for the past few months, and it's incredible! They offer great design services, and their materials are top-notch; plus, they have competitive rates.
Syed Qasim Askari
I am sure you have seen all the interior designs of dareechay home. Its funky colors, design, and display make your baby shop stand out even more!
Mr. Jahangeer

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​