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Celebrated Landscape designers at Dareechay Home are quintessential stimulators acquainted with the art of transforming a piece of land to change the mood and perception of viewers. A significantly interactive & immersive landscape design enhances nature to influence an individual or society on a large scale.  

At Dareechay Home main compositional elements, hardscape and softscape are aesthetically arranged to convey a coherent theme practically.

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thematic master planning

We use landform, structure & other compositional elements for excellent Thematic Master Planning. Our experts take into account all the aspects of a project to portray your expectation in the theme.  

roof gardens

For residents’ aesthetic satisfaction, cityscape improvement & birds’ habitat, Roof Garden holds prime importance specifically in vertical construction, generally for all of us to control the climate. Dareechay Home creates a decorative & functional Roof Garden from insulation to vegetative layer using the appropriate method for you.

hard landscape

Due to the excessive increase in the hard surface in urban areas, hardscape design has become a focal point of landscape design. Dareechay Home enjoys adding Mesmerizing walkways, stunning steps, lovely sittings, influential artistic objects in harmony with culture, tradition, and theme to add enchantment in a garden or park. 

recreational areas

Dareechay Home excels in designing and constructing Recreational Areas, either public or private, for the client’s pleasure to enrich his physical, intellectual, or emotional benefits. Thrilled, adventurous, outdoor, indoor Recreational Areas on designated land for youth, adults & children is one of our expertise.

feasibility report as per area

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Dareechay Home is an interior design company that has helped me with my hospital design.They designed the best space for all my needs, and it looks beautiful now.
Dr Salman Riaz
I have used Dareechay Home for my professional construction needs for the past few months, and it's incredible! They offer great design services, and their materials are top-notch; plus, they have competitive rates.
Syed Qasim Askari
I am sure you have seen all the interior designs of dareechay home. Its funky colors, design, and display make your baby shop stand out even more!
Mr. Jahangeer

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