About Us

Who We Are

Practically we are a trusted builder;
artistically concrete interpreter;
socially an understanding listener as a constructor.

Along with long-lasting construction, we build a strong relationship with the clients. We do not become invisible & out of reach after delivering the project but remain accessible for post-consultation. Our vision is to set a benchmark of customer satisfaction in the construction industry. Aesthetic & Utilitarian construction with a difference is related to the brand of Dareechay Home.

Yes! Dareechay Home will be your first point of contact from groundbreaking to step-in and switching on the light for the first time to have a fabulous look at your finely finished & furnished house, accommodation, or building. Contact once and get everything done from architecture to construction, sanitation to interior decoration, and electric work to solar installation.

How We Work

Identical to your expectations, we work. Building methods, construction types, and designs are mixed proportionally to create the image of a building in your mind.

Sound, detailed, and minute crafting is masterfully managed to shape the project on the agreed plan. We do have different independent departments, but they work in close collaboration to hit the target for sure.  

What We Offer

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We map to construct a building with an image to create, an expression to pass. Merely aesthetic or merely utilitarian is not what we design to construct, an artistic balance of both we deliver.

Interior Design

Our Interior Designer infuses a soul into space, makes the silence to speak, grasp the beholders to name the ambiance he wants them to utter


Celebrated Landscape designers at Dareechay Home are quintessential stimulators acquainted with the art of transforming a piece of land to change the mood and perception of viewers.


Timely innovative concrete construction to the on-budget clients is our unparalleled specialty. Your time and money are valued the most at Dareechay Home.

Solar System

Solar System! a dire need of planet earth is fulfilled at our platform.Dareechay Home is the final destination for all desirous to install reliable and affordable Solar Energy systems.


Building fully furnished residential or commercial space is our domain. An independent furniture workshop alongside construction is there to satiate our demanding clients.

What Our Clients Say

You can use these sections to highlight the features of heading. Use these paragraphs to focus on the topic you want. Make sure you keep it short and attractive.
Dareechay Home is an interior design company that has helped me with my hospital design.They designed the best space for all my needs, and it looks beautiful now.
Dr Salman Riaz
I have used Dareechay Home for my professional construction needs for the past few months, and it's incredible! They offer great design services, and their materials are top-notch; plus, they have competitive rates.
Syed Qasim Askari
I am sure you have seen all the interior designs of dareechay home. Its funky colors, design, and display make your baby shop stand out even more!
Mr. Jahangeer

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​