New city plaza Wah cantt


Mr Ehteshaam


570 Sq. ft


Executed and operational


Interior Design

Site Dimension

19′ x 30′

Design theme totally based on contemporary industrial studio design having a central core and industrial ducting and louvers used in it specially red color is used to give the store a glow and to make it prominent. All display racks are designed in MS (mild steel) to give a sleek and clean look.

I want to tell you about our experience with Dareechay Home. We struggled for a long time to find an interior design professional for one of our newest buildings. None of the firms we contacted seemed like the perfect fit for us. This was until we reached out to Dareechay Home. They have always been responsive and respectful and have always met all deadlines.
Mr. Ehteshaam

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​